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What should age-friendly housing look like?


Come along to this event to share ideas and get involved in having your views heard.


It's almost time for Greater Manchester to elect our first ever mayor. As the hustings come to a close, we can reflect on the pledges and views have been shared by candidates as they seek to secure votes on Thursday 4th May.


To see some of the candidates in action, here are three short films made at the recent Greater Manchester Older People's Network event, featuring invited candidates: Sean Anstee, Conservative; Jane Brophy, Liberal Democrat; Andy Burnham, Labour; and Will Paterson, Green.


Devolution is coming to Greater Manchester. Some powers, resources and decisions will be located from the government to Greater Manchester, and a Mayor for Greater Manchester will be elected in May 2017. Devolution could be a unique opportunity for citizens and civil society to have a greater say about the future of Greater Manchester.


The GM Older People’s Network invites you to come along to put questions and requests to the Greater Manchester Mayoral Candidates in advance of the election in May 2017. 


GM Mayoral candidates attending:

A group of older people across Greater Manchester have drafted up key messages to present to Mayoral Candidates. Today they’ve released two films documenting their questions, requests and ideas which focus on the big issues including health, transport, homes and democracy.