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The Greater Manchester Older People’s Network (GMOPN) aims to make sure that older people have an influence in key decision-making and that their voices are championed in the areas that most affect their lives. Recent research suggests that a quarter of people over 50 have felt discriminated against in the course of their everyday lives. In this report, they bring together the thoughts and ideas of participants attending the Age Proud Event on 2nd October 2019, held as part of the national #AgeProud campaign.


The next Greater Manchester Older People's Network event will be taking place on the 20th Feb 2020.

On 2nd October 2019, our partners, the Greater Manchester Older People's Network, held their 'Age Proud: Exploring Positive Ageing' event.


On Wednesday 2nd October 2019, 10am - 3:30pm, the Greater Manchester Older People's Network will be holding its next network event: Age Proud: Exploring Positive Ageing.  


Come along and listen to a range of speakers, including Joyce Williams, aka Grandma williams and representatives from the “Talking About my Generation” campaign.  There will also be updates about the recent work of the older people’s network, including our project on Positive Ageing Imagery and an opportunity to hear a whistling performance by the world champion whistler David Morris!


Save the date for the next Greater Manchester Older People's Network event. 

The GMOPN have produced a booklet including recommendations based on their work so far. 

The Greater Manchester Older People’s Network are delighted to launch their new Participation Guide which reflects wide-ranging discussions and makes recommendations to ensure good participation for older people in relation to attitude, process and practicalities. 


The report and recommendations will be used to inform future participation opportunities delivered by the GMOPN and shared with organisations working with or wanting to engage with older people to ensure that people are engaged with on their own terms and in a meaningful way.


The new Positive Ageing Imagery Project will be looking at why stereotypical images of wrinkly hands that reinforce negativity around ageing are used in the media to represent older people.

The Greater Manchester Older People’s Network (GMOPN) is a group of older people and organisations that support them, working in Greater Manchester to make sure that older people’s voices are heard on issues that matter to them. They are supported by Macc and funded by the Ambition for Ageing programme.