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An Age-Friendly Transport System

Throughout the last year, Ambition for Ageing has been working with the Centre for Ageing Better, Greater Manchester Ageing Hub, Greater Manchester Health & Social Care Partnership. Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM), Greater Manchester Older People's Network, other partners and older people from across Greater Manchester to further understand what an age-friendly transport network looks like, what challenges older people face and what older people think the transport priorities should be.


This work began with Dr Charles Musselwhite’s report into older people’s experiences of transport, Age Friendly Transport System For Greater Manchester. As part of his research, Dr Musselwhite carried out a series of workshops with older people in Greater Manchester, organised by Ambition for Ageing. The research also drew from the Older People’s Network‘s Age-Friendly Transport in Greater Manchester - Are we getting there? report, which was a summary of an event them held in January 2018.


Following the research, we worked alongside partners to identify how we can implement the findings and put into practice what older people told us.


We are pleased to now be able to release a response document, outlining the 7 themes the research found to be most important to older people, and the actions we plan to take as a partnership based on them.


  1. Involving Older People
  2. Accessibility
  3. Working with the Health Sector
  4. Age-Friendly Customer Service
  5. Community Transport
  6. Safer Driving
  7. Age-Friendly Neighbourhoods


You can download both Dr Musselwhite’s report and our joint response report below.


Greater Manchester