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The value of small community-led equalities research projects

The Value of Small Community-Led Equalities Research is a report by the Equalities Board of Ambition for Ageing evaluating their experience of commissioning and managing the five shorter Ageing Equally? research projects by Equalities Board member organisations.


The report makes clear that:

  • Small community-based organisations bring valuable expertise as partners in equalities research programmes;
  • They can reach wider and further into marginalised communities;
  • They need practical support, and enough time and funding to cover issues such as translation, in order to leverage their expertise;
  • They can spread the benefits of microfunding wider through their communities;
  • They benefit from a ‘test and learn’ approach that allows flexibility, creativity and risk-taking.


The report contains detailed recommendations for the Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE) sector, academic and other organisations interested in microfunding and working in partnership with small community organisations to research equalities issues.

It also contains recommendations for community organisations to make the most of the opportunities and challenges that come with microfunding for equalities research projects.


The evaluation report, is available to download below.



The five organisations that carried out the research included four BAME organisations and one mental health service user-led organisation:


  • Ethnic Health Forum researched barriers to accessing services for older people in the Kuwaiti Bedoun community in Central Manchester.
  • Europia researched the assets and skills of Polish people aged 50+ in Greater Manchester.
  • St George’s Centre researched what makes an age-friendly neighbourhood for older people with long term mental illness who live in the BL1 postcode area of Bolton.
  • Visible Outcomes researched what makes an age-friendly neighbourhood for refugees over 50 years old who live in Salford.
  • Wai Yin researched how Chinese older people, especially disabled people and those who speak different community languages, can grow old and happy.


You can download these reports by visiting our Ageing Equally? page.


All reports, and simpler summaries, can also be downloaded from the Equalities Board website at: