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10 Mar 2021

Upcoming webinar on the links between loneliness & poverty

A webinar featuring learning from the Ageing Better programme, an event focusing on exploring the links between loneliness and poverty.



This digital event will explore what partnerships from the National Lottery Community Fund’s Ageing Better programme have learned about the links between loneliness and poverty and how partnerships have developed responses to loneliness which work in the context of poverty and deprivation.


At the event, our programme manager, John Hannen, will be sharing insights around the links between loneliness, deprivation and poverty, drawing on five years of work to address loneliness and social isolation among people aged 50+.


It will be an opportunity to reflect on the complex links between poverty, social exclusion and loneliness, and to share practical learning. We will consider:


  • How loneliness and lack of social connection interacts with poverty and how they can reinforce one another
  • The practical implications for tackling loneliness in the context of poverty and deprivation
  • How interventions around work and welfare can form part of the response to loneliness


The event will also offer opportunities to work with other participants to share learning and insights.


Please note: this event may be particularly of interest to on-the-ground organisations, funders, policy-makers, government and local authorities.