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18 May 2021

Upcoming seminar: The Healthy Ageing Research Group

Jane Mcdermott of the Healthy Ageing Research Group (HARG) is leading our next online seminar, taking place Wednesday 16th June, 11am - 12:30am.


The Healthy Ageing Research Group (HARG) at the University of Manchester is a multi-disciplinary group conducting research aimed at promoting healthy and active ageing. Our work covers the range of ages considered for mid-life (40-60) and older people (including younger older people e.g. 55+/retirement age, and the oldest old). 


Areas of expertise include: falls and falls prevention, activity and exercise promotion (strength and balance), nutrition and diet, development and evaluation of novel mHealth and eHealth technologies, clinical decision making support tools, health behaviour change and health literacy, musculoskeletal conditions, mixed-methods research methodology, critical appraisal and evidence synthesis, and user-involvement in design of technologies to support healthy ageing. 


In this seminar speakers will focus on work related to activity promotion, specifically strength and balance as well as falls prevention.  We will present an overview of our work, in particular why strength and balance is important in mid to later life.  We will then shine a spotlight on two specific pieces of work; the Keep on Keep up App and Mapping Falls across Greater Manchester. We will be asking for your views, input and participation on these two projects to help us understand how we can improve these projects through your expert experience and contribution.


For more information on the HARG see their website:


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