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Making a difference
Case Study

Touchstones Creative Writing Group

The need:


The Touchstones Creative Writing Group (TCWG) was previously funded by another donor. When that funding ended it looked like the group would no longer be able to continue. With so many people of all ages benefitting, the organisers were determined to find a way to keep it going.


The solution:


TCWG worked with their previous funder to apply for Ambition for Ageing funding, which has enabled them to guarantee the ongoing facilitation of the writing workshops. The classes have now been running for over six years, and proven very popular – attracting 51 participants in one quarter.


Offering sessions for over-50s has enabled TCWG to work with a demographic that contribute fresh perspectives on creative writing. Through monthly daytime workshops and regular open mic sessions designed in partnership with people in the age group, participants develop their skills as part of a community.


Four professional facilitators rotate throughout the year, bringing diversity and their own unique approaches to writing to the sessions.


The benefits:


The sessions provide an opportunity for beginners and those with a passion for creative writing to talk through ideas and socialise. A number of attendees are retired and looking for ways to keep their minds active and build the confidence and freedom to express themselves through writing.


Being part of a community contributes to improved wellbeing for participants, who enjoy sharing their stories and developing their skills in the company of others.


“Ambition for Ageing has helped to provide an environment that allows my writing skills to flourish, creating a sense of wellbeing, belonging and inspiration.”



Looking ahead:


The project has a further six months to run – there is plenty of time for new participants to get involved! The group meet at Touchstones on the first Thursday of every month.




Val J Chapman

Secretary, Touchstones Creative Writing Group

T: 07906 695715