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27 Feb 2019

Street food favourites Bundobust now offer age-friendly menus

Vegetarian Indian street food and craft beer eatery Bundobust now offer age-friendly menus, after welcome family feedback.


Customer Yasmin Holgeth, from Salford, raised the issue on behalf of her 54-year-old father after they visited the Manchester ‘Bundo’ for dinner together and he told her he struggled to read the menu.


On ordering at the bar, Grimsby-based Stuart Holgeth forgot his order and had to ask his server to read the menu back to him, making him feel embarrassed. Commenting on the experience, Stuart says: “I told my daughter I felt too old to be in the place. I couldn’t even read the menu and I had to ask for help.”


Following the meal, Yasmin got in touch with Bundobust management. She complimented them on the food, and went on to explain the need for accessible menus so that everybody can enjoy the restaurant’s offer. She sent them government-issued accessibility guidance, and had a very receptive response.


Bundobust reacted immediately, releasing a new large-print menu which also features a higher contrast of background and font colours – making it easier to read. It is available by request from their locations in Manchester and Leeds.


Stuart was grateful for Bundobust’s fast response to Yasmin’s feedback, acknowledging that he and his daughter like to try out different restaurants but could have been put off returning:


“It gives me hope that some businesses do want to listen and value what people like me have to say. I am likely to go back as I feel that they care about me as a customer. It also makes me feel confident in recommending that other people visit Bundobust. When businesses do things like produce accessible menus it helps people like me to feel included. I can be part of the family when going out, enjoying my experience without worrying about my age and ability.”


In response, Manchester Bundobust manager Chris Botham said: “Inclusivity is a huge priority at Bundobust, and we’re committed to making any changes we can to make the experience accessible and enjoyable for everybody – I’m happy we were able to react to Stuart and Yasmin’s issue so quickly.”


The Holgeth’s experience illustrates the way in which small but significant changes can happen as a result of the right conversations, and go a long way to creating age-friendly environments.