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08 Apr 2019

People make places; do places make people?

Speaker: Sheila Peace, Emeritus Professor of Social Gerontology, The Open University


This Ambition for Ageing seminar will consider how we use public spaces in our communities, neighbourhoods and wider towns and cities. When, why and how do we leave our homes? Let’s move beyond the semi-public space that we still see as ‘ours’, such as the garden or yard, to the street and beyond. Is this something we do on a daily basis? If not, then how often and where do we go? Is walking the option we choose? if not, then what transport do we use, and what influences this?


Following group discussion, the focus will turn to ageing in place and whether or not experiences of using public spaces is different as we get older or similar across all generations. Research concerning public spaces from the town of Aylesbury, observed by members of the general public, will consider the interactions of different generations and groups at various times of the day, and the year. The findings from this research indicate how some spaces, that could be shared by everyone, can be avoided or contested by particular members of the public.


Further group discussion will consider similarities and differences experienced in Manchester, and explore people’s views on the intergenerational use of public space.


When: Wednesday 19th June 2019, 2:00pm - 3:30pm (doors at 1:30pm)


Where: St Thomas Centre, Ardwick Green North, M12 6FZ




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