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08 Jun 2018

New report launched: Community Media for Greater Manchester: An Ambition for Connected Later Life


Our definition of community media is as follows: a form of media which is accountable first and foremost to the community it serves. The messaging and content is usually produced by the community itself to reflect its own specific needs, concerns and interests.


In November 2017 we appointed Social Spider, an organisation with expertise in community media, to research the existing landscape of communities, organisations and community media groups across Greater Manchester (GM). Our main aim in commissioning this research was to be able to assess the potential for using community media to reduce social isolation in the over 50s.


Social Spider’s report, published today, looks at how community media works and the current potential for harnessing its power to reach and benefit a 50 plus audience across Greater Manchester. It also outlines examples of effective community media campaigns currently taking place elsewhere, and consider why what works is working so well. The paper then explores the different channels and approaches that might be developed in future, as well as the ways in which community media could fundamentally influence the circumstances that typically result in older people feeling socially isolated.


Because community media exists in very a crowded media marketplace and strives to place social value above profit, there are a number of challenges facing successful, sustainable implementation. This report examines some of these and also looks at the specific barriers to reaching older, socially isolated people – not least the issue of them being prepared to identify as such.


This very clear and comprehensive paper combines an in-depth analysis of the likely impact community media might have on a 50 plus audience in Greater Manchester with realistic evaluations of the business, logistic and financial challenges involved in launching and delivering it.  We will be running seminar based on its findings in the autumn - further details to be announced.


To read the report in full, click here