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Making a difference
Case Study

New knitting and crocheting groups in Hyde Newton

Hyde Newton has a couple of groups that work really well in the communit - St Marys Friendship Group and the '3Cs' group which is Coffee, Chat and Craft at Rosemount Methodist church. 


After speaking to these two groups it was clear that some of the women in particular would like further activities - specifically knitting and crocheting.  Three members agreed to meet to start things off, invite others and secure financial investment in all materials necessary to help get things going.


We have linked in with the Deacon of Rosemount church and the church has offered  the knitting/crocheting group a free room and public liability insurance cover. The ladies are in the process of developing a leaflet advertising their events and a banner will be put outside the church building advertising their services.


This project will be trialled for three months and marketed across Tameside and in particular Newton Hyde.