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22 Feb 2021

Looking Back Whilst Moving Forward: Ambition for Ageing’s lessons learned and their implications for future commissioning

Our new report is an accumulation of the learning from the past six years of Ambition for Ageing. It brings together recommendations for commissioners, project delivery organisations and communities themselves, to have a continued positive impact on associated asset-based community development programmes set to take place in the future.


The purpose of Ambition for Ageing was to connect communities and people through the creation of relationships. Putting older people at the heart of designing the places in which they live, the programme facilitates the development of existing assets within communities and allows older people to act as the major driving force behind the direct investments made in their neighbourhoods.


The report brings together learning from the numerous outputs of the programme, including our published resources. This report outlines the journey and causes of lessons learned; the factors at play in their creation, and how our experience can inform future commissioning and design.


Read the report here.