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Local Programmes

Our local delivery leads delivered the programme across twenty-five wards in eight Greater Manchester boroughs. They worked closely with older people in each local area and used a microfunding approach to build the capacity and networks of local communities.


Over 21,000 older people from across Greater Manchester designed and delivered 1,385 local projects.


The microfunding approach encompassed co-production, devolved decision-making, a place-based focus and a commitment to learning. Small investments of up to £2,000 was awarded to individuals or groups who successfully proposed a project or idea that aimed to improve the lives of older people. Decisions on which proposals received funding were made by volunteers who sat on decision-making structures within each local area. Read our report on microfunding here. 



Ambition for Ageing in Bolton was delivered in partnership between Bolton CVS, Age UK Bolton and Bolton at Home and worked in the Halliwell, Crompton and Tonge with the Haulgh wards. Their main objective was to build age-friendly communities, using an asset-based model which identifies and develops existing strengths.


Groundwork delivered the programme in Bury, in Moorside, Radcliffe North & St Mary’s. One of their key aims was to seek out people over 50 who are vulnerable to social isolation. They supported local volunteers to act as co-investigators and co-designers as they go into communities and find out what existing strengths can be built upon with small investments.



Ambition for Ageing in Manchester was coordinated by the Manchester Age-Friendly Neighbourhood team (MAFN) based in the Manchester School of Architecture at MMU in partnership with Southway Housing Trust. MAFN are a multi-disciplinary who co-researched with residents regarding how age friendly their neighbourhood is now - and how to make it better. They worked in Burnage, Hulme & Moss Side, Moston & Miles Platting.


Age UK Oldham and Action Together worked in partnership on Oldham’s Ambition for Ageing Programme in Alexandra, Crompton & Failsworth West. They worked with local community groups, individuals and businesses to create more age friendly communities. 


The Rochdale Ambition for Ageing Programme was led by Kashmir Youth Project (KYP), and worked in Central Rochdale, Firgrove & Smallbridge & West Middleton. Older people played a major role in the design of the programme and generated sustainable change in their communities by identifying local assets and choosing where investment should be made.  



Age UK Salford, in partnership with Salford CVS and Inspiring Communities Together worked together to make a difference in Weaste & Seedley, Broughton and Langworthy. They aimed to put older people at the heart of designing the places in which they live. The programme facilitated the development of existing assets within communities, enabling older people to direct where investment is made. 



Age UK Tameside and Action Together worked together to deliver the Ambition for Ageing programme in Tameside across Ashton Waterloo, Denton South and Hyde Newton. They worked closely with older people in each of these areas to create more age-friendly neighbourhoods and reduce social isolation. 

Wigan Borough

Age UK Wigan Borough delivered Ambition for Ageing in Wigan Borough, in Atherton, Leigh West and Pemberton. They worked with local residents to identify what would make their communities more age-friendly. By utilising local assets, linking with neighbourhood groups and making shrewd investments, they believed that small changes could make a big difference and result in significantly reduced social isolation.