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Making a difference
Case Study

Greenway residents get out and about

After delivering an Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) workshop with residents of the Greenway estate, nine members of the group went on an educational trip to a local community centre called Fusion, run by older volunteers, to learn from their approach and to gain inspiration around  providing more for their own community residents.


As a result of this trip, Greenway residents now feel empowered to travel outside of their estate (which is not something they would usually do), and will be making regular trips to the Fusion Centre to attend coffee mornings and meet other local people from their ward.


The residents have also been inspired to set up a food growing group and are currently looking at ways to establishp an accessible community allotment on the Greenway estate. Another new idea is to explore the ways people in which who are less able bodied can contribute toward the garden. Early thoughts include creating art work, signs and labels for all the plants.