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22 Feb 2018

Greater Manchester Older People's Network launches housing manifesto

Me and My Home - the GMOPN housing manifesto


Good housing is fundamental to health and wellbeing. An adequate supply of affordable housing maintenance, decent quality, well designed, accessible ordinary housing - as well as specialist and supported housing - can enable many

more older people to live healthier lives in their own homes for longer.



Most people want to age well at home, remaining part of their community and involved with family and friends. The GMOPN and its partner organisations believe that decision makers across planning, housing, health and care need to reflect these aspirations, setting them as underlying objectives for all their policies, and then working together to ensure that all older people have access to a decent home in later life.



Launched at the latest GMOPN meeting on 17 January 2018, the new manifesto provides clarity on the current situation and its shortfalls, and makes a compelling argument to support the overarching community vision:



"We want to live independenty and with dignity in our own homes for as long as we wish."



Click here to read the Me and My Home: Our Housing Manifesto


Click here to download the Housing infographic


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