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Ethnicity & Ageing - Seminar Slides

This seminar on 29th November 2016 was delivered by Prof James Nazroo who works at the University of Manchester as a Professor of Sociology and is Director of Centre on Dynamics of Ethnicity.


James Nazroo researches how ethnicity and socioeconomic position shape experiences of later life. His research on ageing helps us to understand the patterns of social and health inequalities in ageing populations, and shows how inequalities are transferred across the life course. He has conducted studies on quality of life for older people among different ethnic groups in the UK, on inequalities in health at older ages, and on routes into retirement and the impact of retirement on health and well-being. In this talk James will give an overview of his research on ethnic inequalities in later life and will get a sense from you of the different ethnic populations living in your wards and how research can help you understand the different experiences of ageing according to ethnicity, and how this relates to class and gender.


The video of this seminar is available to view by clicking here.

James Nazroo