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Dementia Friendly Neighbourhoods - Seminar Slides (December 2016)

The Neighbourhoods and Dementia Study: What does neighbourhood mean for people living with dementia?


The seminar's speaker Andrew Clark is a Senior Lecturer in Sociology at the University of Salford.

As the number of people living independently with a diagnosis of dementia, so the role of local spaces such as neighbourhoods and geographical communities to support health and well-being has grown in importance.  This presentation will explore the lived experiences and daily realities of neighbourhood life for those living with dementia.  It will consider emergent findings from an international study investigating the neighbourhood experiences of people living with dementia.  The research is deploying a creative blend of qualitative methods: participatory mapping, mobile interviews and home tours with 100 people living with dementia or their care partners living in a variety of urban and rural neighbourhoods in England, Scotland and Sweden.  This presentation will consider the implications of local places and connections for living well with dementia as well as consider how the three methods can illuminate different facets of neighbourhood life.


A video of this seminar will be available to view soon.

Dr Andrew Clark