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17 Feb 2021

COVID-19, Inequality and Older People: Developing Community-Centred Interventions

This report by Manchester Institute for Collaborative Research into Ageing (MICRA) and Manchester Urban Ageing Research Group (MUARG) highlights the pressures on communities and the challenges that face social networks in communities as a result of Covid-19, as well as the effectiveness of activities that have taken place to address this.


The paper considers the basis for a ‘community-centred’ response to COVID-19. It highlights the pressures on communities weakened by austerity, growing inequalities, and cuts to social infrastructure. The paper examines how physical distancing measures to combat COVID-19 have been matched by trends indicating greater social distancing within communities, illustrated by reduced contact between neighbours, and pressures on the social networks of groups such as single men. Despite this, there have been significant activities in many localities, the growth of mutual aid being one such example.


The report makes the case for a new social policy to address the needs of a society which has the aspiration to be post-pandemic but which is likely to be forced to move relatively slowly towards that goal. Supporting this task must be the knowledge gained in working with communities to assist those most affected by the virus, and drawing on this experience to tackle the economic and social inequalities which have been part of the social and biological construction of COVID-19.


The report is available to read and download below.