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18 Nov 2019

Consultancy into Culture Champions’ Development and Sustainability - Freelance opportunity

Ambition for Ageing in partnership with GMCA (Great Place) and Manchester Museum is seeking a freelance consultant with knowledge of age-friendly culture to design and implement a sustainability strategy for the Greater Manchester Culture Champion programme.


Greater Manchester Culture Champion programme is a large-scale cultural activism and leadership scheme for people aged 50 and over and spans 6 boroughs of Greater Manchester. The Culture Champions scheme has an emphasis on reaching older people at risk of social isolation and uses culture as a vehicle to encourage active citizenship. We do this by working with a wide range of partners such as housing providers, voluntary and community organisations and a wide number of cultural organisations across Greater Manchester. Until March 2020, four projects will be funded by Ambition for Ageing in Bolton, Bury, Manchester and Salford and two by the Great Place GM programme in Trafford and Stockport.


Ambition for Ageing


Ambition for Ageing is a £10.2 million Greater Manchester (GM) level programme aimed at creating more age-friendly places and empowering people to live fulfilling lives as they age. It is funded by the National Lottery Community Fund’s Ageing Better programme, which aims to reduce social isolation of older people.


Much of the work of the programme has been focused on work in 25 neighbourhoods across GM but recently has launched projects delivering work across Greater Manchester tackling thematic issues, such as the development of social eating activities.


Led by GMCVO, 46 partner organisations have been working so far to support hundreds of community groups and over 18,000 citizens to actively design and deliver local projects which change the places we live and age in.


Great Place


Great Place GM is an action research programme led by Greater Manchester Combined Authority and funded by the Heritage Fund and Arts Council England with the aim of achieving recognition for the essential role of culture in the lives of Greater Manchester residents. New partnerships and innovative ways of working are demonstrating the power of culture to deliver against Greater Manchester priorities including health, ageing well, transport and skills.  Great Place is working across the city region to build evidence through resident engagement, build capacity to support the sustainability of the cultural sector, create new links between culture and other sectors and test and evaluate new models of local delivery.


Age-Friendly Culture in Greater Manchester


The Greater Manchester Ageing Hub coordinates regional activity around later life and in 2018 Greater Manchester was awarded the status of the UK’s first age-friendly city-region by the World Health Organisation.


Culture is a key feature of the Greater Manchester’s citizen-based approach to ageing which seeks to establish the age-friendly model as a framework for ensuring social inclusion in later life across the city-region, with an emphasis on co-design with older people and improving the quality of later life in GM.


The Greater Manchester Ageing Hub coordinates regional activity around later life including economy and work; age-friendly places; healthy ageing; housing and planning; transport; and age-friendly culture. There is a strong tradition of partnerships and collaboration in the region and the GM Ageing Hub has made significant progress in bringing together cultural institutions, citizen and community groups, NHS, universities and local government behind a common set of goals and ambition.


The Opportunity


We are seeking a freelance consultant to help us develop a funding and sustainable plan for the GM Culture Champions programme.  You will be expected to have a good understanding of national and city-region developments in culture and ageing, how Culture Champions partners currently work together and the opportunities for carrying this work on throughout Greater Manchester.


The role will work with the following people:



Job Title


Julie McCarthy


Project Manager: Great Place (GMCA)

GMCA context and support

Emma Horridge

Age-Friendly Culture Champions Manager (Greater Manchester)

In depth knowledge of culture champions programme to date

John Hannen

Programme Manager: Ambition for Ageing

AfA Programme Manager and contract lead for this element of work


You will also have access to the Age-Friendly Hub team at GMCA.


Role Description


To develop a sustainability plan for the culture champions programme across Greater Manchester.


This will include:

  • An understanding of how current partnerships are functioning
  • Identification of potential new partnerships to develop
  • Conversations with potential new partners
  • Identification of potential revenue sources
  • To make funding applications on behalf of Greater Manchester Culture Champion
  • To set up and maintain a database of funders and approaches and bids made.


Key skills/Qualifications


  • Fundraising experience, with a proven record of success
  • Excellent knowledge of age-friendly culture
  • Proven experience of researching, developing and writing comprehensive bids and applications for trusts.
  • Proven ability to develop strategic and delivery partnerships
  • Able to work effectively and independently
  • Natural ability to network and build on successful relationships.


Timescale: work should take place across a 3 month period, however this flexible by mutual agreement and dependent on funding stream deadlines.


Completion of work by:  15th February 2020      


Fee:  £5,000.00 including VAT and all other costs




To apply, please send a CV and covering letter which should specify the number of days to be delivered within the contract to


Deadline for applications: Friday 29th November, midday.




Appendix 1


The Greater Manchester Age Friendly Strategy, 2017-2020

Together we will:

  • Establish age-friendly communities across GM, promoting volunteering and bringing generations together
  • Become a world leader in research and innovation for an ageing society
  • Increase housing choice to promote social connections and wellbeing in later life
  • Create opportunities to maximise skills and experience of older workers
  • Build a health and social care system that works for older people
  • Show leadership in developing age-friendly initiative at all levels and across all sectors
  • Create a transport network that supports older people to stay connected and active
  • Engage and involve older people in arts and cultural activities across GM and establish a Centre for age-friendly Culture – a world first
  • Support more people to be physically active as they age
  • Make sure access to entitlements and benefits is easier and simpler
  • Develop an age-friendly plan for each local authority council
  • Campaign for positive change in the way older people are viewed


Appendix 2


The Greater Manchester Culture Strategy, 2017-2020 supports Age-Friendly Culture


Greater Manchester is known around the world for our significant contribution to music, literature, theatre, art, politics and history. We will maintain and further develop our cultural offer to grow this reputation, developing, attracting and retaining the very best creative talent. Greater Manchester will be a place where artists and cultural organisations deliver high quality culture that is reflective of our people and places and maintains the height of our ambition, positioning GM as a leading centre for culture and creativity, regionally, nationally and internationally.


We understand the importance of culture, not just as a ‘nice to have’, but as vital part of the lives of our people and the vibrancy and distinctiveness of our places. Culture has a role to play in addressing some of Greater Manchester’s most pressing issues and in promoting our places to visitors from all over the world, which is why The Greater Manchester Culture Strategy reflects, and will support, successful delivery of the Greater Manchester Strategy, which sets out 10 priorities to make Greater Manchester one of the best places in the world to grow up, get on and grow old.


Priority 2 of the Culture Strategy is to:

Enrich the lives of all our people through engagement with the culture and heritage of Greater Manchester

2.1 Develop and promote social and community cohesion and create opportunities for people to reflect on and forge their place in the world, using culture to develop and promote social and community cohesion and as a way in which our people can realise their potential and contribute to the success of GM, from our action on climate change to the strength of our economy.

2.2 Champion culture’s role in improving health and wellbeing, capitalising on opportunities offered by the devolution and reform of health and social care.

2.3 Capitalise on Greater Manchester’s status as the UK’s first age-friendly city region, enabling, promoting and celebrating later life creativity and talent.