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Making a difference
Case Study

Community launch event

At our launch event in Crompton we heard a consistent message that people didn’t always know about activities and events happening in the community.  They might be interested in joining in but felt they didn’t always have a way of finding out and didn’t know where to get the information from.


Ambition for Ageing volunteers from the Crompton area met up to discuss how we could find out about what is happening already.


We worked with the Community Development Officer from Oldham Council and, using a big map of the area, started to plot where key ‘community assets’ could be found.  Around 50 different buildings or activities were identified and the group divided these out to go and investigate.  We worked together to design a proforma to collect consistent information.  We decided what kind of information we wanted to go into the leaflet and thought it would be handy to have some ‘useful contacts’ in it as well as regular activity sessions.


This information will be brought together in a community leaflet which will be distributed to households in the Crompton area so that people know more about what is happening.  This will be done in a dementia friendly format that will make it clear and simple to read for everyone.


We will also use the information to inform our community activity project for Crompton to make sure we don’t duplicate what is already happening in the area.