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Making a difference
Case Study

A Byte To Eat Computer Club

THE NEED                  

All of the existing IT classes offered in the area focused on the needs of young people seeking work, rather than opportunities for older people to learn how to use technology in order to remain in contact with others using computers.




In response to this, Manchester's Mission to the City (MTTC) group worked with MAFN to design an IT club run by older volunteers for older learners. The club would focus on the practical uses identified by older residents who wanted to find out more, for example, about using Skype to link with extended family living in the Caribbean. Funding was approved and four tablets and a laptop were bought as a result. Two sessions per week now run – one before the lunch club and one afterwards



WHAT'S GOT BETTER            

The group is attracting people who initially only attended for the lunch activity, and who otherwise would not have come to a specific IT class. As a result, more older people as benefitting from increased contact with friends and family abroad who they see very rarely, if at all.




Teaching practical techniques to help people to stay in touch with family and friends is a vital requirement among older people, who may not be familiar with the latest digital communications routes.




The Byte to Eat project is still going strong one year one and is attracting even more participants. Some of the initial participants have become confident enough to purchase their own tablets for use at home. These members still come to the sessions and now help out coaching new beginners.




Mark Hammond

MAFN Project Coordinator, General Enquiries

T: 07973 973 812