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15 Jun 2018

Bringing the benefits of animal therapy to local care homes

As part of their 'Ambitious Stories' series, Tameside have produced a short film about their work with local charity, Noah's A.R.T Animal Rescue Therapy who are based in Dukinfield.


The LDL is arranging for the charity to take dogs, cats, guinea pigs, rabbits - and even rats - out on visits to care homes and residential mental health centres. Residents are offered the opportunity to stroke, groom and feed the animals if they would like to. For many, just watching the furry friends play and eat is enough to start new conversations with other residents, particularly around pets they may have owned in the past.


Noah's A.R.T describes the rationale behind animal therapy as follows:


'Within our sessions, clients find a therapeutic space to value themselves by nurturing and reconnecting with animals. In helping rescued animals, people with a disability can nurture another living creature and take a step back from their role as a “patient”. This experience allows them to reflect on the importance of a healthy diet and personal hygiene; the importance of exercise and mental stimulation; friendships and communication.'


Tameside is finding the iniative is proving to be a real boost to residents' social lives and is delighted that the visits are bringing so much joy to older people.


Click here to watch the video.