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14 Jun 2017

Ambition for Ageing Scaled Programmes Update

Update 5/7/17: Since we went public on what we’re commissioning for the first round of scaled programmes, several people have approached us with opportunities to improve the work. As we want to make this work the best it can be and adjust to these opportunities, we have decided to put the process back four weeks. All dates in this article have been updated to reflect this, but further changes are possible.


In early-mid August 2017, we will be looking for providers for the first three Ambition for Ageing Scaled Programmes to be delivered across the eight districts of Greater Manchester where Ambition for Ageing is operating. Some of these details may change a little, but we wanted to let you know where things are up to.


The first round of Scaled Programmes will include:


Scaled Programme 1 – Festival of Ageing

  • A fun and informative festival in July 2018 to celebrate diverse experiences of ageing. The festival will highlight and celebrate the contributions of people aged over 50 living in Greater Manchester and challenge many of the stereotypes of ageing. The provider will plan and host a series of events and support people in communities to host their own events too.
  • Contract Value – Approximately £80k


Scaled Programme 2 – Community Media

  • Lots of people aged over 50 told us that a lack of access to information about what is going on in their communities is a contributor to isolation. We are now looking for a provider who can research this issue and provide an evidence base to help us focus resource where it is most needed. A research and planning stage will take place between October 2017 and April 2018. The contract may be extended to a delivery stage up to December 2019.
  • Contract Value – Approximately £50k


Scaled Programme 3 – Community Navigators (Round 1)

  • A community brokerage service which will target the following three target groups:
    • People over 50 with age-related hearing loss
    • Men over 75 living alone on a low income
    • Bangladeshi men and women over 50
  • Evidence tells us that these groups are at higher risk of social isolation due to barriers they may face in engaging with mainstream activities, and that the numbers of people in these groups are likely to grow as Greater Manchester ages. Bidders will be able to apply to deliver the service to one, two or all three groups. The provider/s will connect people together with existing activities, services and organisations. This will help people to be more socially connected and help us to learn about the best ways to support people in these groups.
  • Contract Value – Approximately £300-375k (£100-125k per group)


What next?

Once finalised, we’ll make all of the details of the bidding process and all of the application documents available on GMCVO’s Bidding Portal. We will update you in the coming weeks once registration to this portal is open.


On Thursday 17th August, we are holding an Information Event for Potential Bidders in Manchester. This event is for organisations interested in bidding for any of the scaled programmes. It will provide an opportunity to find out more information and ask questions. You can book your place by clicking here.


We aren't in a position to share any more information about the programmes just now, so we ask for everyone’s patience whilst we finalise all of the details. If you have any questions, please make a note of these and be sure to ask them either at the event on 17th August or through the Q&A on the Bidding Portal once all of the information is online.


Thanks everyone! We’re really looking forward to this exciting new phase of Ambition for Ageing.