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Frequently Asked Questions - BAME Communities: Ageing in Place


Q - What is the aim of this project?

A - To understand how BAME-led organisations engage with members from their community and how this might have changed over time and to explore how individuals from BAME communities use places, organisations and services for social contact and interaction.



Q - What is the timeline for the projects to be delivered?

A - £10k is available for organisations to deliver this piece of research work in the areas stated.



Q - What is meant by 'BAME-led organisation?

A - An organisation that exists primarily to serve the BAME community, or a section of that community, with decision making led by members of that community.



Q - Is the £10K budget for each locality?

A - Yes there is £10k available for each area - £50k in total



Q - Do we have to express interest for a particular area or we have to carry out the research in all the 5 Places?

A - Organisations can bid for as many areas as they wish. If bidding for multiple areas they should fill in a separate application form for each area. Bidders only need to complete one basic information and due diligence form regardless of how many areas they are bidding for.



Q - Who desinged the research?

A - The research was developed following reviews of the evidence on Social Isolation and BAME communities  and Social Infrastructure: How shared spaces make communities work. The research has been designed to build on this existing academic research by Dr. Sophie Yarker of The Manchester Institute for Collaborative Research on Ageing (MICRA) and in collaboration with the 5 Ageing Better funded partnerships operating in the targeted areas.



Q - As the call is for organisations to apply, can an independent researcher apply?

A - Yes independent researchers can apply as long as you meet all criteria and can provide all documentation required.


Q - We mainly work with a diffeent community than the target audience listed. Would we still be eligible to carry out the research project?’ 

A - For this research project we are looking for organisations that have strong links with the specific BAME communities detailed in table 1 (this is available on page 3 of ‘call for research proposals’) and can engage with the BAME-led organisations that support BAME communities across the population in the stated area, including people aged 50 and over. Organisations applying need to show they have these links in their applications.


Q - Is the £10,000 allocated for organisational support?

A - The total budget for delivery in each area in £10,000. As per section 3 of ‘call for research proposals’, this includes connecting with from 8 to 15 BAME-led organisations in the specified area and carry out a semi-structured survey with these organisations, engaging a minimum of 10 and maximum of 15 people aged over 50 from the BAME communities stated in table 1 to carry out the qualitative interviews,  carrying out an analysis of the data collected and present in a report and collecting demographic data from individuals who engage with the project with the forms provided. The budget for the project is £10,000 for each area.


Q - If I was successful, would I also then have the opportunity to be involved in authorship/ co-authorship of the final report/ meta-analysis that GMCVO and MICRA will carry out, and any publications arising from the work?

A - Your work would be referenced in the final report that will be authored by GMCVO/ MICRA and they will be consulted on any further publications that develop from that.


Q - How do I complete the application form?

A - Under each question it says, ‘click here to enter text’. Click anywhere within that text and you will be able to type.