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Frequently Asked Questions


Why is it only the listed neighbourhoods?


Supporting Ageing in Place is based on the original Ageing in Place Programme neighbourhoods developed by the Greater Manchester Ageing Hub in partnership with local area Ageing Leads. The aim of the project is to show how small changes can make a place age friendly by focusing small investments in pilot neighbourhoods.



Who decided the neighbourhoods?


Most of the neighbourhoods were chosen by the Ageing Leads in each area of Greater Manchester as part of the Ageing in Place Programme led by the Greater Manchester Ageing Hub. These were decided before the Covid pandemic. Some neighbourhoods have been changed to reflect The National Lottery Community Fund’s aim to work in areas where there are higher numbers of older people living in deprivation and at higher risk of social isolation.



What is the timescale for the funding?


The funding competition starts on 10th May 2021. There is a first round deadline of 14th June and a second round deadline of 5th July 2021. Projects must be delivered between July and November 2021.



Can projects continue beyond November 2021


Projects can continue beyond November but there will be no more funding available from Ambition for Ageing beyond this time.



Can you still apply if your group or organisation is based outside of the neighbourhood?


You can apply but you will need to evidence your reach into the neighbourhood, for example, tell us about previous work in the neighbourhood with older people. If you haven`t worked in the neighbourhood before you will need to demonstrate how you will work with older people in the neighbourhood and tell us about previous work with marginalised older people.



Can you apply to run a project in more than one neighbourhood?


Yes, but you will need to demonstrate your reach into neighbourhoods and previous work with marginalised older people. You must submit one proposal per area you want to work in, demonstrating your reach into each.



How many proposals can a group or organisation submit?


You can submit more than one proposal but these can’t be related to the same activity.



Can a project be open to older people outside of the neighbourhood?


Yes, but we would expect most older people involved to be from the neighbourhood.



Can we buy equipment to continue an existing project?


Yes, you will need to show how the equipment will develop the project to make it more accessible or more inclusive. You will also need to explain what will happen to the equipment after the project ends.



We would like to use the funding to develop the work we are already doing. Can we do that?


Yes, you will need to show how the funding will build on existing work to make it different, for example, to make it more accessible or inclusive. Funding is not to continue an existing project without any development.



What does the evaluation look like?


The evaluation will be in the form of a questionnaire that project users will complete as individuals. We would expect a number of completed questionnaires due from each project. 



If a group works with a host organisation, who is responsible for making sure evaluation forms are completed?


The group running the project and working directly with older people participating in the project will be responsible for ensuring evaluation forms are completed by older people. An induction for groups will take place with more detailed information.



Can the funding be used to do something intergenerational?


Yes, but older people must be involved in helping to design and deliver the project.



Can the funding be backdated?


No, the funding is to be used for a project to be delivered between July and November 2021.



What if a group or organisation doesn’t have a bank account?


If your group doesn’t have a bank account then you can ask an organisation that you have an existing relationship with to act as a host who can hold the funds for you.



What kind of support is available?


We can provide support to help you develop a project idea or with the process. We can also provide development support, for example, if you need help to get insurance if your project needs it and you don’t have it, or help to develop a constitution for your group. If the support you need as a group or project will take longer than expected, and may fall outside the scope of this funding, you can be referred to your local CVS for further development support.



What will happen if Covid restrictions change and a group can’t deliver their project?


Your proposal should clearly explain how you will deliver your project if restrictions change.



Do we need a safeguarding policy?


This depends on your project but we advise that most groups and organisations should have a safeguarding policy. This is a requirement if you are working with vulnerable adults. If you need further information on this, contact us and we can refer you for advice and support.



Will unsuccessful proposals receive feedback?


Yes, all proposals submitted by the closing dates will receive feedback.



Do we need PPE to deliver a community project for older people?


Possibly, it depends on what the project is, but you should consider how to make sure your project is Covid safe. This could include personal protective equipment, having activities outdoors, limiting group numbers, social distancing, and adequately ventilating rooms/buildings. You can include costs in your proposal to make your project Covid safe.



If we miss the first deadline, will we be considered in the second round?


We advise you to submit proposals in the first round as a second round is dependent on funds remaining from the first round. A second round will focus on those neighbourhoods and communities not represented in the first round.



Can you apply as an individual to run a project?


No, you need to be a not for profit voluntary sector group or organisation. If you are not sure about this, please contact us for advice.



When will decisions be made?


Decisions will be made following the deadlines of 14th June (first round) and 5th July (second round). We will inform applicants soon after the panels have reviewed all proposals and made their decisions.



What areas are included in Wigan North?


Shavington, Standish and Aspull.



Can I use the funding to pay for insurance?


Yes, we can cover the costs of insurance needs for your project.



Can I propose a project that would benefit the whole community?


Yes, if it meets the needs of older people and increases their social connections. The key is that it's accessible and the needs of older people are considered in the design of the project.



Can a housing association apply for this funding?


Yes, housing associations can apply.



Can a sole trader apply that runs community focused groups?


The fund isn’t set up for sole-traders. We recommend a sole-trader link in with a local community group or organisation to apply. We may be able to provide support with this - please contact



Is there a preference for partnership bids/work?


These are small projects and there is no requirement from us for partnership working.



Are venue hire expenses eligible costs?


Yes, venue hire is eligible as a project cost



Does co-design of project have to have happened beforehand or can it be part of the project?


The project must exist because older people have expressed desire for it. There must be evidence that the idea has the support of older people in the community.



Can you apply to carry out intergenerational projects?


Yes, but the benefit to older people must be highlighted and older people must be part of the design.



Would you fund an opening day to advertise the project?


Yes, we are able to fund publicity costs.



How can I deal with people lacking in confidence following Covid-19, and a reluctance to meet up?


Consider how your project could be more informal, without too much pressure to attend. You are able to include PPE and cleaning costs within projects so we can keep people safe. You could also do a blended project which could be a mix of online and face to face. As people's confidence grows they may be happy to meet face to face, but equally it is fine if activities remain online. Please see our report, Developing Social Contact Models in a Time of Social Distancing, for guidance and examples.


Can you fund transport?


Transport costs can be funded if they meet the aims of your project.



Can a Limited Company with an asset lock and not for profit clause act as a host organsiation?


Our processes have been developed to make it easier for community organisations to bid, but other forms of organisation (for example housing associations or social enterprises) will have equivalent documentation which enables eligibility. Do get in touch with us at and we will provide advice.



How many panels will there be for the two neighbourhoods in Manchester?


There will be one panel for each round, so the two neighbourhoods will be assessed at the same time.



Can projects can happen on licensed premises?


There are no restrictions on holding events in licensed premises?. we have previously funded activities in pubs, for example.



We are a community organisiation that use Council facilities, can we still receive funding?





Does the decision making panel include older people?


Yes, every panel includes an older people from each local authority area alongside representatives from Ambition for Ageing and a Local Authority representative.



You can email any questions to the Ambition for Ageing Team at: